Exuberant Heart Co.

Exuberant Heart Co is a calligraphy and design studio. Rooted in gratitude and celebration, its focus is on creating a beautiful and personal touch to happy joyous experiences.



I'm Kelly, the designer and calligrapher of Exuberant Heart Co. Formally trained in business and design, I enjoy creating handwritten pieces to enhance personal correspondence and events.

Growing up, I have always been told that I have good penmanship, something I attribute to my strict yet loving mom (hi mom!). Many years later, tasked with planning my wedding in less than 3 months, I decided to personally calligraph the escort cards, place cards, and menus for my wedding day. Spending hours upon hours writing, it reinvigorated my love for writing and I fell deeper in love with calligraphy's letterforms, rhythm, and fluidity.

I am a member of the Society of Scribes in New York City and a member of the International Association of Master Penman and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH).

I live and work in New York City.


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